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Here you will find all of our early podcast. Download at will.

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ER Podcast #1  Creation Museum, Missional Code, Tom Neeley and the Norway Witness Team

ER Podcast #2 Hitler, Birth control, Piper and the prosperity Gospel, goofy "Christian" music, Susan Yenser's Testimony

ER Podcast #3 Least Religious State, CNN Teens "Fake Christians", Al Martin, Paul Washer, John MacArthur, Todd Friel

ER Podcast #4  Betty’s dress, My King, Drive Through Church, Jeremy Farmer to Cambodia, Biologos, Lloyd-Jones Saw It Coming, Buy this book

ER Podcast #5 Phone fishing in Indy , 5 ways to fail leading your church, Hell, The old prosperity guard heresy, Bad logic, The narrow way

ER Podcast #6 Koran Burning, Persecuted Believers, Audrius, Mormonism, Listener e-mail, Net Finney 2.0, Phone Fishing with Dan Dow, Penn Gillette,

ER Podcast #7  Werewolf ministry, XP. Patrica King  and the gang, raising the dead,  Mormonism, Islam, Genesis 5

ER Podcast #8 Glen Beck's conversion testimony, James White, The Gospel-- what more could you want?

ER Podcast #9 How to name a church, Tony Campolo, Al Mohler and Yoga, ELCA, Bill Hybels, Paul Washer on Eternity

ER Podcast #10 The Return of Todd Bentley, Little Bo Peep, James White & Eternal Security, 100 donors needed, triple dose of C.H.S.

ER Podcast #11 Contextual, missional and CHS, Who knows Jack? Culture, Fundamentalism, Ergun Caner

ER Podcast #12 Theology of Church Growth, Joel Osteen's Gospel, Galatians 1, Hairology

ER Podcast #13 Fodder for glorifying God, Dr. Bauder on Revivalism, Piper, Warren and DGC, Circus Church, CHS & the downgrade

ER Podcast #14 1st of the Computer-less Episodes, Dr. John MacArthur on Church Growth, Dr. John MacArthur on Christ's Blood, John Piper Declares War, General Adrian Rogers Gives The Battle Plan

ER Podcast #15 2nd of the Computer-less Episodes, Fundamental Purpose Driven Pragmatism, Stuff Fundies Should Hate: Dr. Dave Doran on Schaap's perversion (PG-13), Don't miss the point: separation demanda left and right attention. Dow mixes a no no, The Golden Chain-- election

ER Podcast #16 Rick Warren and the Police, Steve Lawson brings it! You don't want to miss one of the best ERs ever!

ER Podcast #17 Christ, The Reformers, Sola Scriptura

ER Podcast #18 Reformation week continues, Slap Grandma and burn the organ, Dr.  Andre Gazal: Lessons from Thomas Cranmer and the Reformation in England

ER Podcast #19 Reformation week continues, I'm revving up! Dr. Piper; Dr. Luther and 95 good reasons, We are ripe for reformation

ER Podcast #20 The John Calvin Episode, Reformation week concludes, Steven Anderson vs. Paul Washer, Professor Carpenter (5 solas), Dr. Piper (John Calvin), Warning: This episode could change your theological prejudice.

ER Podcast #21 Evangelistic Worship, Dr. Doran says it clearly, Shark Week? Dr. Piper from 2007 concerning your personal holiness, Paul Washer strikes again

ER Podcast #22 Exorcists Wanted, Possibility Thinking Bankrupt, Shark Week Continues, Spurious Faith, Receive Christ, Thanks For The Voice-Overs George

ER Podcast #23 T-Shirt winners, Paul Washer Proclaims, Music Evaluation, George Dunn Tithing, Global Cooling

ER Podcast #24 Welcome NI Ministry Tech Students, Should God Sing To Us? CHS & Entertainment, Laura Story's story, Be Separate

ER Podcast #25 Special Christmas Edition, Chants, Conversions, Carols, Christmas

ER Podcast #26 Little Kid Preachers, Be not many masters, Going Home this Christmas? CHS tells us how to share the Gospel, C.J. Mahaney "The Cup", Go Fish

ER Podcast #27 Merry Christmas! What if worship was like ESPN? Oh, wait it already is. A Child is Born. That's My King. Street Fishing in Chicago. Can God Save Senior Citizens? It's About The Cross

ER Podcast #28 Happy New Year! Luther & Snow. Whitefield & Angels. Edwards & Resolutions.Street Fishing in Chicago.

ER Podcast #29 The Missing Doomsday Podcast: Harold Camping: September 6, 1994-- er I mean May 21, 2011. Kirk Cameron: "Aflockalypse", 3rd Eagle: Doom and Gloom, Benny Hinn Superman

ER Podcast #30a Grace Reaches the City: Crack selling gang member transformed by grace.

ER Podcast #30b Testimonies of Transformation: Grace Reaches the City: Street, Sin & Salvation.

ER Podcast #31 Worship in Song; Worship in Preaching, T.D. Jakes is Wonder Woman. Bad Music/Good Music, Whoopee Cushion Sermons, Spin the Bottle Sermons, Jesus in all 66 Books

ER Rodcast #32 Prosperity Gospel; The Romans 12 White Flag Man; Jesus is better than  football; Katy Perry & Black Eyed Peas "Christianized"; Prayer

ER Podcast #33 Joel Osteen Debrief; Victoria's Secret; CHS Tombstone

ER Podcast #34 The Circus Church; RTM's History of the Modern Gospel; Special Thanks extended to Real Truth Matters

ER Podcast #35 The Variety Pack Edition,  Joel Osteen's Best Days VS Matt Chandler, Westboro Baptist, According to Rob Bell's Logic Hitler Never Existed, John MacArthur's Testimony, Dr. Andrew Naselli on Cults

ER Podcast #36 Nude Church, Street Fishing with the Lawman, Molinism/Middle Knowledge

ER Podcast #37 Pole Dancing for Jesus; Ken Ham, Home-school & Biologos; Bell's Hell, Paul Edwards & Martin Bashir; Essential Unity Romans 14

ER Podcast #38 Independent Fundamental Baptist 2020 Debrief: Sexual and physical abuse in the fundamental church, Reasons why fundamentalists can become sinfully egotistical, 9 Marks Of A Healthy Church

ER Podcast #39 Bauder vs. Schapp and the IFB Scandal, Qualifications for Pastors, Can Christians Sanitize Carnality? Christian Rebecca Black? Presuppositional Apologetics

ER Podcast #40 The Christian's Peaks and Valleys; Camping's Rapture; All I Have is Christ; The Valley; The Prodigal; I Lay My Sins on Jesus

ER Podcast #41 In Memory of Jerry “Jawbones” Watson: Car Racer’s Testimony: Teacher’s Testimony

ER Podcast #42 Grace's testimony; Faith Lapses; There Is No Sin That I have Done

ER Podcast #43 Best Day Ever; Not Our Home; The Cost of Discipleship; Sanctification


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